sIMPLEk e-bike tuning

 Available as plug-in USB stick or permanently installed module, each in Pro version as finished product or cost-effective kit.

 Available for the engine types:
• Bosch (Classic, Active (Plus), Performance (CX))
• Yamaha (PW, PW-SE, PW-X, GIANT SyncDrive)
• Brose
• Impulse (2.0, EVO, EVO RS)
• Shimano (Steps E6000, E8000 with or without DI2)

 Speed limits of 25 km/h or 45 km/h are completely canceled.

 The actual speed remains readable, maximum speed, mileage and total kilometers are displayed correctly.¹

 Simple handling. Can be deactivated.

 Simple installation. Only one plug must be pulled.

 Ebike tuning made in germany.

¹The actual speed is represented by the second digit and the decimal point of the display. The maximum speed and displayed kilometers are only adjusted after approx. one minute of standstill. For further information, have a look at the operating instructions.

For further information please look at the manual.

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The sIMPLEk assembly set will be delivered in individual parts and cannot be used in delivery conditions. The establishment of the completed assembly set or the sIMPLEk Pro, within the scope of the StVO, is forbidden and not accepted. The use is only provided for closed-off public traffics as well as for private grounds and race courses. No liability is accepted for current or future damage caused by commissioning of the assembly set. Use at your own risk.